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Your Marble Floor Tile Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing Professionals!

Is your Marble Floor Tile cracked and in need of repair? Has your marble floor become dull and unsightly over time due to scratches, cracks, holes, pits, and chips? At Bayou City Floor Restorers, the Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Pros of Houston , we offer complete marble floor restoration and are unmatched when it comes to our marble floor cleaning, hole filling, grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing techniques. Bayou City Floor Restorers is Houston's best value in marble floor tile refinishing and restoration.

What sets us apart from the other Marble floor tile restoration companies serving the Houston area is that not only do we offer quality work at a fair price, we also offer a Limited Warranty to qualifying customers. Our pricing is very competitive and in most cases "We Will Not Be Undersold!" Our focus is to keep your marble cleaning costs down while providing excellent results. Choose us to clean and repair your stone tile floor and you can save $100's or even thousands over replacing your floors with new stone tile.

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No Job Is Too Small For Us! 

  • Minimum pricing for Marble Floor Tile Cleaning starts at $500.00.
  • Minimum pricing for Stone Countertop cleaning, sealing, and restoration starts at $150.00.

Have a stone floor that you can be proud to show off to friends and family again.
Let us put a shine on your floor and a smile on your face.


​“Don’t Re-floor it, Restore it!”

Marble floor before cleaning

Marble Floor Tile Before

Marble floor After Restoration

Marble Floor Tile After!


A crystalline rock which originated as limestone. Through a metamorphic process the calcium carbonate  ( limestone travertine and other similar rocks ) turns into marble. Marble is available in all kinds of surfaces – Honed polished leathered flamed and many more. Whatever finish you may have, we can help you restore it or keep it the way it should be.

Marble Care

Caring for your Marble floors or countertops is vital to their look and longevity. Using the proper cleaner and sealer will help to assure how long it's good condition will last before it needs to be restored. Marble is a harder, less porous stone compared to other types of tiles. Your marble still should be kept free of dirt and debris to prevent scratching and dulling of its surface. Marble maintenance will dramatically reduce the amount of restoration your floor will need over it's lifetime.

  • First: Keep dirt and dust off your marble floor for long periods of time. Mop and sweep regularly.
  • Second: Only use PH Neutral cleaner to mop and treat spills. Clean all spills immediately as any spill may etch your marble finish if left for a long period of time and allowed to absorb into the tile.
  • Third: Anytime high traffic on your floor is expected, sweep and mop before so that the debris and dust on the floor cannot get pushed down and scratch your marbles' surface.


Can I wax my my marble floors?

It is not recommended. It will cause more harm than good.

Can cracks be repaired in my marble floor?

Most of the time, depending on its size and place. Generally if they cannot be completely fixed they can be improved.

Should I polish my marble floors?

Yes, It is recommended to keep your marble in top condition for longer.

What products whould I use to mop my marble floors?

Only use a PH Neutral cleaner. (NO Fabuloso, Mr Clean, Mop n’ Glo, Vinegar, Swifter Wet Jet or Pine Sol, etc…we recommend PH neutral balance Hillyard’s Top Clean that will clean and not compromise your stones’ finish)

With the services we offer you can keep your Marble like new or restore it to better than new.


  • Marble Cleaning
  • Marble Sealing
  • Marble Grinding
  • Marble Polishing
  • Marble Hole FIlling

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