Stone Restoration Services 







Stone Restoration Services

Bayou City Floor Restorers , the Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Pros of Houston , offers Travertine, Marble, Slate, and other natural stone floor restoration services. We specialize in cleaning, sealing and polishing natural stone. Bayou City Floor Restorers is Houston's best value when it comes to stone floor tile refinishing and restoration.

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60c / sq ft 800 sq ft min

65c / sq ft 800 sq ft min

1 set .75c / sq ft
2 sets $1.25 / sq ft
3 sets $1.50 / sq ft
4-6 sets $2.50 sq/ ft (best value)

Lippage Removal:
3 sets of grit available, get all 3 at 1.00 / sq ft
(usually square foodage on lippage is minimal, no minimum amount required)

Hole Filling:
Will be priced by the amount of labor and filler it will take to complete the job.
(Note: If there are only a small amount of holes on a normal sized job, they are typical no charge)

65c / sq ft / 800 sq ft min

No set pricing available at this time. We are the most affordable in the business. Call us for a quote!

800 square foot minimums are only for pricing


No job is too small, no minimum square footage required.

– All estimates free –

Allen Broussard Satisfied Customer

"My Floors didn't look this good new, 15 years ago!"


The process we use to clean your stone is a PH neutral balance cleaner used with an orbital brush to get dirt deep down in your stone without harming its chemical makeup. 

  • We never use alkaline and or acidic based cleaners


Our polishing techniques range from multiple products specialized for your floor. For your natural stone our polish has added stone hardeners that are essential to your stones longevity.

  • Most polishing powders do not offer a hardener, this is one reason why our process is better and faster.


This is the process of lightly grinding the surface of your natural stone with resin diamond disks. They come in multiple grits ranging from 30-3500. They are the best way to get a long lasting polish on your stone floors.

  • Floors typically need at least 3 sets of diamonds

Lippage Removal

Some companies will claim to remove lippage all while using the same diamond disks we use in our grinding section. This is not how its done, we use the right tools for this job.

  • 3 grits available

Hole Filling

We have many different epoxy and other hardening fillers that can be color matched to your floor.


Sealing is the process most important for your stone, impregnator sealers are the best, they also range in quality. We only use the best and longest lasting.

  • We do not use wax on porous stone.
Monika Brown Google Review

Our home was built in 2004 and we moved in in 2007. Our floors are comprised of 16x16 dark textured, ceramic tiles. The entire time we've lived here, we've been very diligent about sweeping, moping and cleaning our floors... OR SO WE THOUGHT!

We hired Bayou City to come out and clean, polish and seal our floors in preparation for our soon to be born baby girl. Seeing as we have 3 dogs and lots of foot traffic on the tile, we wanted to make sure that the floors were as clean and, most importantly, as sanitary as they could be since she will be spending much time down there.

I took a before picture of our floors, mostly thinking in the back of my mind, "how much cleaner can they get"? Bayou City proved me wrong. It didn't take long for them to start the scrubbing process for me to realize that what I thought were relatively clean floors were in fact filthy. The water/cleaning solution mixture that came out of the scrubber was so dark! Will, from Bayou City, spent all day cleaning approximately 800 square feet of tile and got the tile and grout so clean we could literally have eaten off the floor!

Some of the main things that I noticed were:

The time and effort spent taping off the our wood floors to ensure that the they did not get wet during the tile cleaning process.The time spent making sure that the tiles actually got as clean as they could have. It would have been very easy for Will to pass over the tiles once and call it good, but instead he was very meticulous about cleaning the tile until the water/cleaning solution mixture came back clean and not brown.

How much brighter the tile and the grout got! Like I said, we thought the floors were clean, but after seeing what they were supposed to look like, I was (pardon the cliche') FLOORED!

How much cleaner the house smells overall. It's been a few weeks since the floors were cleaned and when we walk in, it still smells fresh. And fresh to me = sanitary!

Our experience with Bayou City was great. We will definitely be hiring them again in the future when we need our floors re-cleaned and sealed!

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