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Slate Refinishing

Don't let holes and cracks in your slate floor get you down! At Bayou City Floor Restorers, we specialize in slate floor tile cleaning, grinding, hole filling, polishing, and sealing in the Greater Houston Area. We will restore your slate floors to like new condition! Bayou City Floor Restorers is Houston's best value when it comes to slate floor tile refinishing and restoration.

Even though slate floors are somewhat resilient, they still benefit greatly from cleaning, sealing and coating. Some slate floors that have already been coated some years back, may need to be stripped, resealed and coated. This helps keep the slate tile from shedding its top layer of stone! This common occurrence is natural. So with the proper stone restoration plan, you can keep your floors, walls or backsplash from losing some of its self. Sealing and coating the surface helps this the most.

Slate, depending on its iron content can display some beautiful variations color. Blue, green, orange, purple, red, pink, yellow, and the mixes are endless! If your slate is rusting it is because of your tiles uniquely high iron content. This process can be reversed with the proper application restoration techniques. If your slate is not rusting and just looks dull and dried out, there is a restoration that can fix that as well. Here at Bayou City Floor Restoration we specialize in all your slate care needs. Call us now for a free estimate let us make your slate beautiful again.

Don't ReFloor it, ReStore it!​

​What Is Slate?

Slate is metamorphic rock that is dense, strong, acid resistant and non absorbing. It is resilient to freezing and thawing temperatures. It has been used for thousands of years in construction. There are very large volcanic deposits of slate right here in the US. It is a wonderful stone to use indoor and out. It is one of the longest lasting stones used in construction, Lifetime if properly maintained and sealed.

With the services we offer you can keep your Slate like new or restore it to better than new.


  • Slate Cleaning
  • Slate Sealing
  • Slate Grinding
  • Slate Polishing
  • Slate Hole FIlling

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