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Travertine Floor Tile Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing Service

Is your Travertine Floor in need of repair? Has your travertine tile floor become dull and unsightly over time due to scratches, cracks, holes, pits, and chips? At Bayou City Floor Restorers, the Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Pros of Houston , we offer unmatched results when it comes to our travertine floor tile cleaning, grinding, honing, polishing, and sealing techniques. Trust us to repair, refinish, and restore your natural stone floor to look virtually new again!

We are Houston's best value when it comes to travertine floor tile refinishing and restoration. What sets us apart from the other travertine restoration companies is that not only do we offer quality work at a fair price, we also offer a Limited Warranty to qualifying customers. Our pricing is very competitive and in most cases "We Will Not Be Undersold!" Choose us to clean and repair your stone tile floor and you can save $100's or even thousands over replacing your floors with new stone tile.

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No Job Is Too Small For Us! 

  • Minimum pricing for Travertine Floor Tile Cleaning starts at $500.00.
  • Minimum pricing for Stone Countertop cleaning, sealing, and restoration starts at $150.00.

Let us put a shine on your floor and a smile on your face.
Have a stone floor that you can be proud to show off to friends and family again!


“Don’t Re-floor it, Restore it!”

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Travertine After 02T



"Wow, what a difference"! My Travertine floors needed some serious attention! I hired Bayou City Floor Restorers to fully restore my stone floors.

“To my amazement the floors looked better than they ever did!”

They were extremely dirty, almost black. William and his crew showed up in the morning and diligently worked until the evening.

To my amazement the floors looked better than they ever did! The grout was clean, the floor looked like it had depth and design, and the polish was absolutely outstanding! “I can see my face in the floor!” Hard working and in and out of your hair before you know it! Definitely recommend calling, William will answer all your questions".

Brian Turek
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Travertine Qualities

Travertine is a natural stone much like marble, limestone, onyx, granite and slate. The major difference between other natural stones and travertine is evident in the formation, hardness and appearance of the rock. Travertine is a later formation of limestone. In Texas, the city of Austin and its surrounding “Hill Country” to the south is built on limestone. The area has many travertine formations, such as those found at Gorman Falls within Colorado Bend State Park, the nature preserve known as Hamilton Pool, the West Cave Preserve, and Krause Springs in Spicewood. Travertine is one of the more popular stones in modern architecture. The largest building in the world is actually constructed mostly of travertine.

The stone is characterized by the holes or troughs in its surface. Even though these troughs naturally occur,they suggest signs of considerable wear and tear over time. These holes can be filled with a special travertine filler. Over time honed and filled Travertine can release the epoxies that can make them look so smooth. Our fillers can be color matched to your tile.

Travertine Floor Care

Caring for your travertine floors can seem harder than it needs to be. There are a few tasks that you can do that will help. First and foremost, is to start with a floor that has been properly conditioned to last. This can include cleaning, polishing, patching holes, grinding and sealing. After your floor gets what it "it needs to succeed" you can then follow these simple steps to keep your floor beautiful for years and years to come.

  • First: Make sure to keep dirt to a minimum! Heavy soiled travertine will scratch Easier and will show signs of wear faster than a regularly swept and mopped Floor.
  • Second: Clean up any and all types of spills as soon as they occur. Spills can and will etch your stone. Yes, even when sealed properly!
  • ​Third: Only use a PH Neutral cleaner to mop your floor or treat spills. We do leave you with a produce we recommend after we service your travertine.
  • Fourth: When expecting high traffic (parties, construction, animals in and out of the house) mop before so dirt and dust won't be pushed down and scratch you floor.
  • Fifth: Vacuuming can help but always be careful not to move to fast or aggressively as this could cause undo wear and scratched to your finish.


Can my furniture scratch my travertine?

Yes, use felt on the bottoms of furniture legs.

Can the cracks and holes in my travertine floors be repaired?

Yes, 90% of the time cracks and holes can be repaired or improved. It all depends On the size of the hole or crack and if the hole or crack is due to pressure or some type of dropped item or foundation issues.

What can I use to mop and clean my travertine floors?

Only use a PH NEUTRAL floor cleaner. Hillyard “Top Clean” is our top choice.

Is vinegar good to clean travertine floors?

NO, Never use vinegar.

Can I sand my travertine floor to get rid of lippage?

Yes, but no with sand paper and this should only be done by an experienced Professional

Should I seal my travertine floor?

Yes, only with a high grade penetrating sealer.

With the services we offer you can keep your Travertine like new or restore it to better than new.


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  • Travertine Sealing
  • Travertine Grinding
  • Travertine Polishing
  • Travertine Hole FIlling

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