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Travertine floor cleaning, polishing, and sealing as well as Marble refinishing and Slate Tile Cleaning services you can count on! Don't attempt floor tile work on your own. Let a qualified pro evaluate first at no cost to you! We have been providing quality natural stone floor tile cleaning and restoration services in the Houston area for years. Beyle City Floor Restorers is a family owned business dedicated to providing our customers with the best and most enduring stone reconditioning services on the market.

We are experienced in natural stone floor tile cleaning, grinding, polishing, sealing and resurfacing applications that will enhance and protect the natural beauty of your stone surfaces for years to come. STOP THE STICKER SHOCK! Save time and money, call us first!​ We are Houston's best value when it comes to natural stone floor refinishing and restoration.

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We can evaluate whether flood water damaged your Natural Stone floor.
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Free Estimates.... 800 Sq Ft minimum

Do you keep cleaning your natural stone tile only to find it still looks dull and tired? Do you want to protect the beauty of your newly installed stone floor?

“Don’t Re-floor It, Restore It!”


Travertine Before 01


Travertine After 01


Travertine Before 02


Travertine After 02

Bayou City Floor Restorers prides itself on giving the customer what they need to restore stone tile floors and countertop surfaces at the most affordable rates while committed to using the best products on the market. We are available to answer any and all questions regarding your floors.

Why Choose Us?

First, we value You as a customer which means we treat your home and furniture with care and respect!

Next, we are a family owned business, not a big corporation or chain. You deal directly with the owner and receive personal attention.

And last, we have years of experience cleaning  and refinishing Travertine, Marble, Slate, and other fine natural stone tile floors.

Complete Services

Our Stone Restoration Services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Lippage Removal
  • Hole Filling
  • Sealing
Best Price Guarantee

Beyle City Floor Restorers prides itself on giving you, the customer what they need to restore stone floors and surfaces at the most affordable rates while committed to using the best products on the market.

We specialize in VALUE!

Please inquire about your eligibility for our warranty program and our guarantees.

By the way, 90% of the time, our regular pricing beats our competition's special sale pricing. Call us first!

Natural Stones require basic techniques to maintain its natural beauty, strength and durability. Whether the stone is travertine, marble, limestone or terrazzo these steps can enhance the life and beauty. With a few maintenance steps the endurance of your floors, countertops, walk-in showers, backsplashes and fireplace mantles can be assured for years to come.

Porous but durable natural stones like Satillo, Slate, Brick and Flagtone, to name a few, require an additional coating application to protect and seal the color and durability of the stone. Whether your natural floor is old or new, steps can be taken to insure a lifetime of use and beauty.

Identifying the type of stone installed in your home will lead you to the basic techniques you will use to maintain your stones natural finish. No matter what type of stone you have installed there are a few universal maintenance steps for all natural stone that can keep your need for restoration to a minimum. These tips include:

  • Keeping DIRT and DUST to a minimum, especially during parties and high traffic
  • Only use a PH NEUTRAL cleaner when mopping, and...
  • ​Adding FELT to the bottoms of furniture legs can alleviate undo wear.

 Although Natural Stone is a very durable product that can last for generations to come, these few steps can insure that your installed stone will never get that "worn-out and tired" look.


What kind of cleaner can I use to clean my natural stone?

Only use a neutral PH balanced cleaner. (we recommend Hillyard’s Top Clean)

Can I steam mop my natural stone floors?

Not recommended for daily use. Can be done a couple of times a month on low temp for quick cleans and spot removal. The heat may break down the sealer that has been applied to your floor.

Can I vacuum my natural stone floor?

Yes, but be careful to only use the floor attachment and not the brush (carpet) attachment that could scratch the surface.

"Wow, what a difference! My Travertine floors needed some serious attention! I hired Beyle City Floor Restorers to fully restore my stone floors.

"Wow, what a difference!

Brian Turek

They were extremely dirty, almost black. William and his crew showed up in the morning and diligently worked until the evening.

To my amazement the floors looked better than they ever did! The grout was clean, the floor looked like it had depth and design, and the polish was absolutely outstanding! “I can see my face in the floor!!” Hard working and in and out of your hair before you know it! Definitely recommend calling, William will answer all your questions".

Brian Turek
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