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Limestone Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing

For the the very best Limestone floor cleaning in Houston call Beyle City Floor Restorers. We can effectively repair holes and cracks and will get your Limestone floors cleaned, polished & sealed to perfection.  With our professional services, a tired dull limestone floor can be restored to like new condition.

Most limestone floors are a light color. They are very porous, which makes them very prone to soaking up dirt. We can clean and seal them so they stay looking new for years to come. Limestone cleaning, polishing, and sealing is the best way to maintain your quality tile.

Limestone is composed of mostly the mineral calcite and takes up about 15% of the earths sedimentary crust and 71% of all crushed stone is limestone. It is a very porous stone and when used in constructing a homes interior or exterior it needs to be cleaned and sealed properly.

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We can evaluate whether flood water damaged your Limestone floor.
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 Free Estimates.... 800 Sq Ft minimum

Limestone Care

Keeping up with your limestone flooring needs is not difficult. You must first start with a fully protected tile. This could mean getting your limestone cleaned, polished, grinded and sealed. By evaluating your floors condition you can determine which steps are necessary. Most of the time only a few of the steps are necessary to get your limestone floor to perform with beauty and durability for years to come.

Cleaning and sealing your limestone floor is very important in helping repel as much dirt and as many stains as possible. After your floor is ready for use, following these easy steps can keep them looking and performing well for years.

  • 1. Keep dirt and dust to a minimum. Sweep and mop regularly. (Only mop with a PH Neutral Cleaner…We recommend Hillyard Top Cleaner)
  • 2. Clean up all spills and drops immediately. These can stain and etch your stone, even if your stone has been sealed.
  • 3. No mopping with Fabuloso, Mop N Glo, Pinesol, Mr. Clean, Swiftor Wet N Jet and the list goes on and on. Just PH NEUTRAL balanced cleaner to protect the integrity of your floors.
  • 4. When entertaining or have work in order (parties, dog sitting, construction or remodeling) sweep and mop before the event so that dirt and debris doesn't get pushed down into the surface of the floor and scratch the finish.
  • 5. Vacuuming can be done with a bare floor setting and can keep your floors free of dust and debris. Be careful to vacuum slowly and without aggression as to prevent unnecessary scratching from the vacuum. The carpet brush is never to be used as it can compromise your seal and finish, leaving a dull and unprotected limestone floor.


What do I clean my limestone floor with?

PH Neutral cleaner ONLY! Hillyard Top Clean is recommended.

Can I steam clean my limestone.

It is not recommended unless it is for quick spot cleaning.

Do I have to seal my limestone floor?

It is highly recommended. Sealing will lengthen the time between the need for a professional restoration process.

Should I use wax sealer on my limestone?

No this can seriously damage the look and performance of your limestone floors.

With the services we offer you can keep your Limestone like new or restore it to better than new.


  • Limestone Cleaning
  • Limestone Sealing
  • Limestone Grinding
  • Limestone Polishing
  • Limestone Hole FIlling

Customer Reviews

Beyle City Floor Restorers
Beyle City Floor Restorers
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Pat Bidwell
Pat Bidwell
01:15 30 Jul 18
If u want quality work dont call this drug addict caught him putting it up his nose and not wanting to pay his co-workers. Not to say he not really doing everything he says hes doing to the floor. And his name is WILL. You can clearly see mines will i want my money
02:17 22 Jun 17
I am extremely satisfied with Beyle City Floor Resorers! Will and his crew came and restored my marble and it looks AMAZING!! He is very professional and excellent at his work. My floor was worn, tired, and very dull. Will restored it to a mirror type shine. Not only that he repaired some broken and damaged tiles. I love his work and highly recommend him. Thank you Will. I will recommend you to all my friends!! GREAT JOB!! Blanca M Katy, Tx
chase jackson
chase jackson
21:29 10 Feb 17
Wow these guys are awesome! There cost was the lease out of three estimates. Very professional and travertine looks better then it did brand new! very pleased with my floor and they were in and out in two days!! I highly recommend Beyle city floor restores talk to will!
Ricky V
Ricky V
23:21 09 Feb 17
Got Beyle City Floor Retorers name from Angies List. Will was very professional in all matters concerned with our job. Not only was his price better that the other 2 bids we got but he also explained the reason he used a higher quality product and I certainly agree with that. We bought this house new almost to the day 2 years ago and the grout looks as good as it did when we moved in. This has been accomplished by simply vacuuming on average 1 time a week and mopping once a month. I can not stress how satisfied and happy we are with the high quality of work done by Beyle City. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending this company for any grout work you may want done. Oh yes, while here been filled a hole that had been made on the floor when a barbell had been dropped. He did such and excellent job and the hole in the floor is now invisible plus he did not even charge us for doing this work. Pick this company for your work. You will not regret it. Rick Vardeman
Justin Blair
Justin Blair
21:11 24 Nov 16
We were getting our house ready to sell and the grout in our tile looked dirty and was popping up. William and his company came out and cleaned our grout, repaired the areas where grout was popping out and then stained our grout to new colors that matched the house better (honestly wish we would have done that part prior to deciding to sell). The house looked great and it sold in one day. The tile looked like a brand new installation. I would recommend Beyle City Floor Restorers for any floor and stone refurbishment and repair.
Cristina Blair
Cristina Blair
01:47 27 Oct 16
Beyle City Floor Restorers helped restore the look of our outdoor concrete floor by cleaning and sealing the concrete. Our floor is stamped and stained and the stain was looking dull. We had a party coming up and William and his company came and completed the job in a professional and very timely manner. Both front and back patios looked great for the party! I recommend Beyle City Floor Restorers for any floor restoration project.
Brian Turek
Brian Turek
19:22 13 May 15
Wow, what a difference! My Travertine floors needed some serious attention! I hired Beyle City Floor Restorers to fully restore my stone floors. They were extremely dirty, almost black. William and his crew showed up in the morning and diligently worked until the evening. To my amazement the floors looked better than they ever did! The grout was clean, the floor looked like it had depth and design, and the polish was absolutely outstanding! “I can see my face in the floor!!” Hard working and in and out of your hair before you know it! Definitely recommend calling, William will answer all your questions.
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