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Terrazzo Cleaning, Polishing, and Sealing

Over the years terrazzo can become extremely dirty. The man made tiles are derived from pieces of natural stone leftover from the machining process. They are extremely porous and soak up enormous amounts of dirt. Our Terrazzo Cleaning Polishing, and Sealing services will bring it back to its original beauty for years to come.


Dates back to the 15th century. Natural, polished terrazzo will stain without being sealed properly. With our polishing process and sealers we can close those pores to be more stain repellent. Spills can easily be wiped away without soaking into the floor. Terrazzo is one of the most versatile surfaces on the planet and is used worldwide.

Terrazo Care

In order for you to maintain your terrazzo floor or countertops you must start with a finished product. This could include having your terrazzo professionally cleaned, grinded, polished and sealed. Not all steps are always necessary to get your terrazzo in top condition.

Evaluating the condition of your terrazzo will determine the wear and tear your floor or countertop has already endured and indicate which steps will be necessary to bring your terrazzo floor back to its natural beauty. After you have restored your terrazzo floor, follow these easy steps to insure your floors endurance and good looks for years to come.

  • 1. Only clean (mop) your floor with a PH Neutral cleaner. We recommend Hillyard Top Clean.
  • 2. Make sure to keep dirt and dust to a minimum. When walked on it is pushed into the floor, causing parts of the stone to fall out over time. It will also scratch your floors finish.
  • 3. Never use Fabuloso, Mop n' Glo, Pine Sol, Mr. Clean, Vinegar, and the list goes on and on….. Only PH NEUTRAL CLEANERS!
  • 4. Vaccuums can be used only if done lightly and slowly, using the bare floor setting. It can scratch your floors finish if not careful.


What should I clean my terrazzo floor with?

Hillyard Top Clean or a PH Neutral balanced cleaner.

Can I wax my terrazzo floors?

It is not recommended. It will cause more harm than good over time.

Can holes and cracks in my terrazzo be repaired?

Yes, most of the time. Call us for advice, or send a picture of the holes or cracks for us to evaluate.

Should I seal my terrazzo floors?

Yes you should seal, it is highly recommended to lengthen the life span of your Terrazzo floors.

With the services we offer you can keep your Terrazzo like new or restore it to better than new.


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